I exercise mainly to lose/maintain weight *

Without having to think too hard, I am naturally able to select the right type and amounts of food for a healthy diet *

I am unhappy with my body & my weight and I wish I had more control over them *

I try to avoid foods I like because they may cause weight gain *

How much I weigh is less important to me than how healthy and strong I am *

I have noticed that I will often turn to food when I feel anxious, lonely, sad or stressed *

I am often afraid to be around 'bad' foods because I am concerned I won't be able to control myself *

I am comfortable with my body even if it isn't the best looking body out there *

If I overeat or eat the wrong food I tend to feel guilty and/or ashamed *

After eating, I am often fuller than I need to be *

When I’m not really hungry, I can sometimes find myself making plans to eat or looking for something to snack on *

A little bit of weight gain can make me feel panicked and out of control *

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